Characteristics And Attributes Of A Good Business Broker

If you want to buy a business Brisbane, you might decide to hire a broker or to do it solo. Hiring a broker is the best option if you don’t know the process. However, you should ensure that you find the right broker.

The first step is to know the traits to look for in a business broker. The market is littered with brokers who are average but the best ones should have the following qualities.

Specialized experience

You should find a broker who has specialized skills in selling businesses like yours. Talented brokers can find it challenging selling your business, just because they don’t have experience in your particular industry. You should go for brokers who have experience in selling businesses similar to yours and in your geographic market. The business broker Brisbane should be specialized in selling businesses in your price range. Without the correct knowledge, the pricing and the marketing efforts of the business broker may fall short of your sales objectives.


Brokers that claim to take your business from listings to closings without any help can be disastrous. The best broker should have an established relationship with accountants, lawyers and other professionals. They shouldn’t be afraid to call on them whenever they need help. Even if you decide to use your own accountant or lawyer, it is advisable to know that your broker respects other professionals in your area.

A verified track record

When you want to sell or buy a business Brisbane, you should be wary of prospective brokers if they are unwilling and unable to provide the necessary contact information of satisfied previous similar business sellers. Once you get a list of their previous clients, you should ensure that you follow up with them to confirm if the broker is as good as he claims to be.

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