Lions, Tigers, & Bears Oh My, I Need Exotic Animal Insurance!

Every single one of your beloved animal friends deserves an equal amount of attention and love. However, when that animal is not a traditional pet, such as a snake, pig, or exotic bird, then it becomes a lot harder to find some kind of Exotic Animal Insurance plan to have in the event of an attack or escape.

Owning exotic animals has become a popular trend over the last decade or so, as people have yearned for something different in a house pet besides the traditional cats or dogs. Small mammals, reptiles, or birds make great pets for smaller living spaces since they require very little space. Certain exotic animals are also the ideal pets for anyone who suffers from pet allergies. No one should have to miss out on the joys of pet ownership. Another great thing about some exotic animals is that they require very little maintenance on your part, meaning you never have to worry about going on early morning walks.

While it can be a fun experience caring for and learning about the everyday life of unique animals, it can also be both very expensive and very risky, depending on what type of animal you choose. While some exotic animals can live a long time, others suffer illnesses that are specific to their breed and can require expensive medicine or routine visits to specialists. While no pet owner wants to put a price on the care they give to their pet, it is important to fully understand all of the potential costs that come with owning an exotic animal of your own. The medical and living costs can be high enough, and that that’s without even mentioning the cost of an attack or escape.

Many exotic animals are born to live in the wild which is why it is not surprising that they will try to escape from their owners. When your exotic pet gets away from you, the chances of it attacking another person – even out of fear or self-defense – goes up. Since 1990, there have been well over 1,000 reported incidents of an attack involving animals like big cats, bears, primates, and even ferrets. Some animals can cause serious physical or emotional harm to people, and it is the owners who are held liable in the event that something were to happen. While you will be there to defend your pet, who will be there to protect you from a potential lawsuit?

For all of its fun, owning an exotic animal can be a risk that many insurance companies are unwilling to take a chance on. Many homeowners’ insurance plans barely cover most breeds of dogs, so the chances of them covering an exotic creature are slim to none. These same insurance providers rarely offer the Exotic Animal Insurance needed for rare or unique pets. Fortunately, XINSURANCE is picking up the slack for the other insurers who can’t be bothered to protect any and all pets. They offer Exotic Animal Insurance that will have your back in the event of an attack, no matter what type of animal you have. From the tiniest rodent to a big cat or wolf, XINSURANCE will provide you with a customizable plan that will keep you covered at a fair price.

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