Advantages of Online Food Ordering in Dubai

There has been tremendous growth in platforms offering online grocery delivery. These platforms aim to save the time of the customers by buying the groceries on their behalf. Many of these platforms own their warehouses where they store their grocery. The result?

The result is that many a time customer are given items which are near expiration or simply not fresh. Therefore, while online grocery delivery in Dubai has come a long way, customers should be wary of the pitfalls of ordering eatables online.

However, a new online grocery store has emerged in Dubai named Yeebly. Unlike others, Yeebly does not own a warehouse to store items. It buys the eatables from reliable markets. It ensures that the items are always fresh and edible.

It is no doubt that Yeebly has come a long way to ensure that customers get the best items while buying groceries online. Apart from this, there are many other advantages which Yeebly and other platforms offer to their customers.

No More Waiting Time

Being a customer, you will no longer need to wait in queues for buying your groceries. During weekends, supermarkets are flooded with people. Through online ordering, you are safe from overcrowded markets and long lines.


If you are busy in a meeting or plan to go out with friends or family, you can order your items to be delivered in advance. It allows customers to save and enjoy their time with the people that matter the most to them.

Order Anything in One Go

Instead of visiting different supermarkets to buy your groceries, you can simply order the different items that you need from a single platform.Whether its fruits or fish, you can order all of them in one go with just one tap.

Time Saver

For professionals working on tight deadlines, they often do not have the time to buy their groceries. Therefore, online shopping allows them to order their groceries while working on their deadlines.

Cost Saving

Many of these online platforms offer customers discounts on grocery shopping. It allows customers to save money which they can use elsewhere. Yeebly is one such platform that gives customers amazing discounts.
All orders above 100 AED results in a 50% discount on delivery charges. Likewise, all orders above 300 AED results in a 100% discount on delivery charges.


Dubai’s cuisine has so much to offer to residents and tourists alike, that people are unaware of Dubai’s hidden delicacies and other delicious foods. For example, online fruit delivery in Dubai is an incredibly challenging task.

Customers are given choices of so many fruits, many unknown to the average person, e.g. Budha’s Hand, Custard Apple, Loquat, Kaffir Lime etc.

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