Characteristics Of Private Label Clothing That You Should Know

Miss Holly the label is one of the top-performing private label dress categories in Australia. Launching a high quality and professional private label fashion brand should start with finding a qualified manufacturer. Working with a quality manufacturer instead of working with wholesalers to create your produces comes with a lot of benefits.

Unique products

One of the greatest benefits of owning a private label line is that you are able to offer unique clothing and that you know your customers will definitely buy the clothes. You don’t establish your private label brand like wholesale brands. This means that you need to invest in marketing to grow your sales.

Choosing your order quantities

Customers like to deal with private labels because they have the freedom to choose their order quantity with freedom. Most manufacturers set minimum order quantity requirements. However, you can find manufacturers with very low minimum order quantities. You can even find some starting from 20 product units.

Slow fashion

When you see those glittering and high-quality dresses from Miss Holly the label online, you need to understand that private label manufacturing needs time. It takes time to find a private label manufacturer. Also, making your first garment sample and shipping your products needs time. Most boutique owners diversify their supply chain slowly through sourcing.

Increase your profit margin

You can increase your profit margin with a private label because you buy your products at factory price instead of paying the manufacturer’s price and the distributor’s commission.

Have a full product control

Private label clothing lines like Miss Holly the label have the final say on how their products look before selling it to the customers because they design the clothes. When you start your private label, you control the design details of your clothes. Customers will always look forward to buying your special and unique product.

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