Top Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Wayfinding Signage

There are a number of common way finding signs design mistakes that designers make when designing signage in Brisbane city. Some of these mistakes can hinder the functionality of the sign and render it irrelevant. They can also give misleading information. Here are some of the common wayfinding signage design mistakes that designers should always avoid.


Placing signs after the decision point

It is crucial for the sign designers to study the place and understand the location of the decision points. Decision points are very crucial for the person walking or driving. The signage should be in the correct position to give passers-by enough time to make the correct decision. This is the way signs should be. Always keep the signs at the right decision point.


Not utilising the space

It is important to utilise space when placing wayfinding signage. Sometimes you don’t need to use signs. Sometimes you need to use signs but how you utilise the space is very important. The main directions and main walkways can be obvious from a utilised space. You can use the paths to guide people naturally.


Clustering and clutter

When you place a lot of signs in one place, you confuse the users. They won’t know which signage to use and which one not to look at. They will try to look at all the signage and miss the information. Some of them will just ignore the signs. A good signage company in Brisbane should locate the correct location to place their signs to avoid confusing the users.


Basic sign design mistakes

Some common mistakes such as pointing arrows into text make it difficult for people to digest the information on the signage. It is always better to point the arrows away from the text. Also, using complex terms on signs can make it difficult for users to find the intended information.


Not maintaining the signs

Badly maintained signs won’t serve their purposes correctly. Maintaining signs makes them clear and outstanding. Maintaining signs is cheap but most companies don’t consider that. Badly maintained signs can be ignored by users because most users will think that they are obsolete.


Not utilising human resources

It is important to utilise the people who work in the location of your signs. The staff knows very well the challenges they face in that particular area. Before you install any sign in your company, you should talk to the employees and know which types of signs to install.


No planned hierarchy system

When designing signs, you need to consider the most important things and separate them from the least important things. For example, you should start with security before promoting other places such as shops within the facility because people will have to pass through the security to access other areas within the facility. The security should, therefore, have higher importance when designing way finding signs in Brisbane city. Things such as parking should come second because people will always park their vehicles before doing anything else within the facility. Hierarchy is very important if you want your signs to be effective.

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