Skills And Personality Traits Of A Successful Electrician

There are certain skills and personality traits you need to consider when looking for a commercial electrician in Brisbane city. Note that what we have listed in this article are not the actual technical skills that electricians need to work on a job. These are just some of the personality traits that will enable an electrician to be successful.

Intellectual ability

Every electrician should have the necessary intellectual abilities. You don’t need to have a University degree to become a successful electrician. However, you will need to have a good head that works things out within the shortest time possible.

Algebra and mathematics

You don’t need to be a genius like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking for you to be a successful electrician but you need to have a solid understanding of mathematics and the basics of algebra. You should fear nothing if this intimidates you because you can always join a college to catch up on your mathematical skills. Community colleges are cheap and can help you improve your algebra.

Reading skills

Electricians encounter a lot of documents and memos on the work site. For you to be an effective electrician you should be able to communicate through written word and you need to understand written communication. Your client will not talk to you face to face all the time. Sometimes he will write you an email on what needs to be done. It is up to you to be able to read and understand. If you want to be a successful commercial electrician in Brisbane city, your reading skills should be above average.

Business understanding

Being an electrician makes you a business person automatically. There is business whenever there is money involved. As an electrician, you should understand a few concepts in business and work hard to improve your business skills. Here are a few business skills you will need:

Time management

You should be able to finish a job on time. This is a very important skill but most people find it hard to master. When you get a job from a client, the client will have expectations on when you have to finish the job. It is up to you to organise your time and finish the job on time.

Managing your team

You will need to have a team to work on commercial projects. As an electrician, you will be working with other people. The people might not be electricians but you should have the skills to work with everyone on site and manage your team to relate well with other people on the site.

Personal service and customer service

Every job should have a customer who pays for services and goods. You should always treat the customers fairly and with respect. If you have your own shop, you should ensure that your customer services are better than your competitors’ to be able to compete with them.

Clerical abilities

Every commercial electrician in Brisbane city should be able to understand the simple business systems. You should know basic accounting, word processing, office procedures and filing.

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