The Guide to Treasure Island Beaches

Treasure Island is situated at Florida’s beautiful gulf coast and is a part of Tampa Bay region. The place is well known for its attractive white sand beaches. Here, you will find a fully developed residential and commercial areas. In addition to natural beauty, Treasure Island offers you marvelous resorts, restaurants, condominiums, beach houses for rent in Florida and more.

The island has St. Petersburg to its east and at the south end, you will find St. Pete Beach. The most famous and attractive beach of this island is the “Sunset Beach.”

About the past of Treasure Island

Timucan Indian tribe gets the credit to settle the Treasure Island around 300 A.D. In the 1500s, the Spanish vanquished this area with the hope of getting gold. But, they retreated when found nothing. The Great Gale, a hurricane, swept through the island in 1848 and formed 2 smaller islands in the north. During the 1900s, people started coming on Treasure Island from the St. Petersburg to enjoy their vacations. With time, hotels and homes started building near the island, and till 1955, a whole city came into existence.

Seawater and beaches

The island has crystal clear water for swimming. The bottom slopes gradually, and anyone can have easy access to water for sports. The area of this beach is really broad and wide. You would have to walk long from a parking area to reach the edge of the water. Hence, it is better to make proper arrangement before going with your family and children.

At day time, there are varieties of sports to enjoy in the water such as sailing, jet skiing etc. For nightlife, one can enjoy in clubs and restaurants situated alongside the beach.

You can spend time alone in the evening and early morning walking or running on the white sand area of the beach. The beautiful temperate atmosphere with pleasant cool air would give you a heavenly experience.

What is the best option for accommodation?

If you are thinking about accommodation, you will find here several beach cottages, older hotels, motels etc. However, in case you wish to live in a homely atmosphere with complete privacy, choose a beach house rental. In addition to saving money, here you can enjoy lots of facilities that are hard to find in a hotel. Some great amenities that beachfront house rentals in Florida provide are:

1. Bedrooms with queen size beds, bunk beds, washer dryer, iron, en suite bathroom with Jacuzzi hot tub.

2. Hot water swimming pool and heated Jacuzzi for a minimum of 8 people.

3. Shower (hot/cold) with private cedar screening.

4. Wide balconies to enjoy the morning and evening beach views.

5. A kitchen with microwave, oven, electric grill, dishwasher, toaster, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and garbage disposal.

6. Living room- audio system, DVD, wifi, TV with a cable network.

7. Playroom- two daybeds, arcade machine, game table, pinball machine.

8. Back yard- built in the stone fireplace with charcoal Weber grills, picnic benches, tropical garden comprising fruit trees.

In addition to these, beach condo rentals in Treasure Island can also assist you to reach the popular tourist attractions of the city. If you like to make your own food, you can cook it in the house. The biggest advantage of a rental beach home is that you get the homely comforts and facilities with complete peace and security.

Famous festivals and events

In the months of June, July, and August, maximum tourists visit the place to spend quality time with family and friends. During summer, an annual event named John Levique Pirate, which is held in the 2nd week of June is very popular. You can also enjoy boat shows which are held throughout a week.

At the beginning of July, tourists, as well as local citizens, enjoy short holiday trips here. The ships lining up at the Gulf create a marvelous firework show. Additionally, a person can also enjoy events featuring street performers with live music in the evening (from 5 to 9 p.m.) on the gulf-side.

There is nowhere a unique, beautiful and lively place in the world like Treasure Island Beaches in Florida. The island gives you numerous opportunities to enjoy life to its full extent with your dear ones. For stay, choose a hotel or beach house as per your specific needs and goals. You can walk in the morning at seashore relishing the beauty of sunrise with flying birds, spend an afternoon under a parasol or playing water games, and stroll in the evening touching sea waves and adoring the beauty of the sunset.

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