The Best Ideas For 1950s Outfits From Casual To Classy

When designing or buying a 1950s costume in Australia, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Do you want to dress like a housewife, a party girl or do you want to dress like the 1950s typical office man? In this post, we have a variety of ideas for you when you decide to buy 1950s dress in Australia.

Housewife outfit

A house dress and apron are the typical housewife’s wear. This was mainly in the morning. If the housewife wanted to go and run other errands outside or visit friends, she could change her outfit. The house dress was a button-down shirtwaist. She could also wear a shirt dress in the swing style, apron, light petticoat and flat shoes. Women could vacuum, make beds and tend to children better in the full skirt.

However, when you go on the internet and search for 50s costume in Australia; you will see the housewife wearing a fancy apron, a wiggle dress, pearls and high heels. Mostly, women dressed like this at 5 pm for dinner when with her husband and not to do household chores.

In summer

In summer, the women could wear a button-down shirtdress or a skirt over the romper, jumpsuit, pants or shorts. The skirt would be wrapped around and not being split open at the front. In most cases, the fabrics would match because they were sold as a set. However, if you are designing your own costume, you should feel free to mix and match solid colours and prints.


When designing a 50s costume in Australia for a teenager, it is crucial to consider what teenagers used to wear in the 50s. Girls wore a knit top and a full swing skirt on a daily basis. They could also wear a blouse and a long pencil skirt with a cardigan layered over it in winter.

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