Reasons Why People Love To Sing But Don’t Join Choirs

I have always wanted to join choir concerts near me and perform but I have constantly been held back by a few things. I also know people who love to sing but have never got around joining a choir or even attending a singing workshop. They know how to sing, there is nothing that stops them but yet they still don’t join choirs. Here are some reasons why people don’t join choirs regardless of being good singers.

Being too frightened or embarrassed to sing in front of people

This is a point that everyone can understand. Some people like to sing in the company of people they know but they feel frightened to sing in front of strangers or a large crowd. However, if you have a passion to sing but are too frightened to sing in front of people, you should consider joining large choir concerts where you can hide behind your colleagues and sing.

Poor understanding of music

Some choirs require musical knowledge but there are numerous choirs and workshops that don’t assume any previous singing experience or musical knowledge. It is important to understand what is good for you before you consider joining a choir. This will, you will join without a second thought.

It will be filled with old people

This is somehow true that most established choirs consist of people older than 40 years. This can turn off young singers who feel that they won’t blend in properly. However, with music, you can work with everyone irrespective of their age. As long as everyone in the choir is connected by the common love of music, you can work with them.

I don’t know all the songs

Every time I attend choral concerts near me, I feel that the singers are geniuses. However, learning the songs is a process and you shouldn’t be afraid because you will eventually learn them if you are determined.

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