Common Things To Expect In An Eye Doctor Appointment

Don’t skip your annual optometrist Perth CBD appointment just because you think your eye is doing fine. Eye exams are not only meant for people with poor vision but are also important because they help you find eye problems before the symptoms show up. Problems such as diabetes can be detected before they reach their advanced stage.

How to choose the right eye doctor

A lot of people don’t know whether to choose an Ophthalmologist or an optometrist for their initial exam. You can go with either one if this is a routine check-up. If you suspect an eye problem such as glaucoma or cataracts, or if you suspect a condition such as diabetes, choose an ophthalmologist although an optometrist can still help you.

Things to bring with you

If you use contact lenses or glasses then it is important to carry them when visiting optometrist near you. You may ask your doctor if you can stop wearing the contact lenses a few days before the visit. You must prepare a list of any health conditions you have such as allergies. Also, make a list of supplements and medications you take.

If you have any questions about your eye health, write them down and ask them during the visit. Carry your medical insurance information. Most insurance policies don’t cover routine eye care but you might get coverage for conditions such as glaucoma and dry eyes.

Things that happen during the visit

When visiting an optometrist Perth CBD, you may be required to fill out the paperwork such as your name, whether it is your first visit, the nature of the visit, your gender among others. You will then go to the exam room and see your doctor. The type of exam will vary depending on a variety of things. But you should expect vision tests, tonometry and eye exam.

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