5 Simple and Unique Ideas to Use Glazed Pots for Decorating Home with Green

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Pots are an integral part of interior decoration. They are classy and elegant. Moreover, the plants on them help the home environment fresh and healthy. Furthermore, the pots are a fine way to leave a strong first impression on your guests. Apart from this, are you thinking of expanding the backyard? Or, planning to renovate garden? At such events, the role of aesthetically pleasing pots is huge.

Even if you had the courage to purchase the trendy earthen pots, what are you going to do with them? Take clues from the following ideas to beautify your yard with glazed pots in a simple way.

Create Your Fairyland

Amidst the quest of managing a hectic schedule, the magical ingredients from your life are ebbing away. So, why not take matters into your hands? Place a pot in your backyard; cover it with little plants and more. Gather rustic stones, adorable faux butterflies and miniature birdhouses. The fairy accessories can be the last touch to retain the magic of the fairy garden.

A Beautiful Entrance

Who wouldn’t like to welcome their guests in a grand way? As the guests are about to knock on the front door, the alluring aroma of fresh flowers will accompany them. Therefore, even before entering the house, the pleasing atmosphere can leave a remarkable impression on guests’ minds. Also, it plays an important role in enhancing the curb appeal.

Parallel Shrubs and Privacy

Security is the first and foremost factor to keep in mind. Did you know a jumbo-sized glazed urn could your save your life? Yes, the large pots with overflowing green can cover up the backyard. Hence, the outsiders will never peek into your personal life. Keep the pots parallel and the foliage will be the central point of attraction. In a way, the directing path can guide the residents to the seating spot.

Go Green Completely

If you think there are a lack of green factor, level things up. Collect moss and create a moss pot. It will be a terrific way to contribute to the environment and increase the aesthetic value. So, a generous amount of moss, 1 cup buttermilk and a pot can keep you on the eco-friendly track. Mix the moss with buttermilk in a blender to achieve a milk-like texture. You may or may not paint the blending on the pot. Then leave it to dry out. Once it is dry, spray water to freshen up the moss. Keep in mind, moss thrives with water and will grow in 2 days. Water the moss regularly to manage the moisture level.

Make it more Beautiful

You can save yourself from the hassle of painting the clay pots. Just purchase a glazed pot and let your creativity find its way. The large size is ideal for writing a message (be it, inspirational or funny one). Reading the small passages while taking an evening stroll can calm your mind. Get a liquid chalk marker or permanent marker to keep the message intact for long. Apart from scribbling beautiful messages, you can draw polka dots. Make the one circle bigger than another. Wash the pots and spray paint to make the round and cute circles.

As you are ready to place the pots in the right way, think of a way to complete the whole decoration. Wouldn’t a water fountain complete the look? The birds would chirp away by it? So, go through the wide collection of water features Sydney today.

Author bio: Rebecca King, a blogger with a keen interest in gardening, has written on how the water features Sydney can be useful. Here, she mentions 5 ways to utilise the glazed pots and increase the charm of your natural plot.

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